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  • 5
    5 in 1 bundle

    Posted by Taylah on 1st Dec 2022

    I wasn’t expecting to enjoy every flavour but each has such a nice taste. The apple flavour is really really nice but the dried apple bits texture is a little weird but it doesn’t bring it down too much - it’s still enjoyable.

  • 4
    5 in 1 bundle

    Posted by Jake on 26th Oct 2022

    Was overall very happy with most of the flavours, only disappointing thing was we missed out on the triple choc flavour and instead received a second raspberry white chocolate which we were not a fan of

  • 4
    Yummy cookie dough

    Posted by Imogen on 28th Sep 2022

    I love this cookie dough, and I'm happy I tried them all so now I know which is my favourite. I like just the plain choc chip best. Unfortunately they were missing a flavour but I was warned of this before my purchase, and got an extra cookies and cream instead (which happened to be my boyfriends favourite so that made me happy)
    The only one I wasnt a big fan of was the apple and cinnamon, which I was suprised I didnt like. I think its because I didnt enjoy the dried apple chunks.

  • 3
    They were okay

    Posted by Tomika on 23rd Sep 2022

    The flavours were fine, nothing insane though. I feel like they are a bit overhyped. The tubs are still sitting in my fridge with just a bit out of each one. They aren’t bad but not really what I was expecting.

  • 4
    Majority of the flavours are good

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd May 2022

    4 out of the 5 flavours in the bundle are good. The apple cinnamon lacks flavour and due the use of dried apple there are hard unpleasant bits. However the other four flavours were very nice and I would highly recommend and would but again :)

  • 4

    Posted by Phillip on 13th Apr 2022

    These were very tasty,very hard just to eat a little without eating the lot..My only complaint would be the size...Bigger is better lol.

  • 5
    5-in-1 bundle

    Posted by Mary on 11th Apr 2022

    Love love love these. My two favourites were the apple and cinnamon and the raspberry and white chocolate. If I wouldn't have found you at Meatstock Melbourne, I would never have known your beautiful product/s. Ordering online is so convenient. Thanks!

  • 5
    X 5 tubs cookie dough

    Posted by Margaret on 20th Oct 2021

    It was very yummy & we were completely satisfied

  • 5
    Great love it

    Posted by Yasmin on 17th Sep 2021

    Best cookie dough ever